For decades, Cascade Glass has provided exceptional glass services to many residential and commercial buildings in Athens, GA, and its environs. Whether it’s glass installation or repair, our team is ready to help out. 

From the beginning, Cascade Glass has been at the forefront complying with federal and state laws on workplace and environmental safety. We always uphold the highest ethical values when undertaking our work. Our experienced personnel is a testimony of our recruitment process, which only focuses on picking the best candidate. We’re well-known for providing quality glass services, reliable customer service, exceptional workmanship.

Our Mission

At Cascade, our mission is to offer quality glass products and services that surpass our client’s needs and expectations. We will strive to create a working environment that offers employees opportunities for individual growth, reward, and recognition. At Cascade Glass, we have no compromise when it comes to the quality of our services. We listen to our clients not only to win their confidence, trust but also to respond to meet and surpass their expectations and needs.


Our vision is to be a model glass company others want to emulate:

  • We seek to provide jobs to people in Athens, GA
  • To be an  environmentally and socially responsible glass company
  • To  commit to providing quality glass services and products
  • To develop glass products that add beauty to the environment around us



We provide timely and quality services with a goal to  meet our clients’ expectations 


We’re obsessed with treating everybody with dignity, courtesy, and improving the working environment of our employees.


Our goal is to be ethical, morally just, and legal. If a conduct issue arises involving any Cascade employee, we’ll respond to it as soon as possible. Our priority is the well-being and service delivery to our clients.